From September 8, 2013 till May 8, 2017, we were blessed to minister at the Sunset Avenue church of Christ in Madera, California, 93637. We were an English and Spanish-speaking congregation meeting in the same building of some 145 members (when they are all there) with five elders and four deacons when we left.

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(Terry and I have had many people into our home the first year here and continue to do so regularly. These are a few of those pictures…plus a few others that relate to leadership and our location)

January 1, 2013 – September 5, 2013: Terry attended a language school in Beijing, China, so we could get our Visa to stay in the country. I worked full-time with the Beijing church of Christ ( in addition to having numerous private studies with individuals and groups in our home.

February 14, 2011-December 29, 2012 Terry and I were in Jingzhou, China teaching conversational English ( in a university there. In our private times, we were sowing seed among the Chinese youth through small group studies.

May, 1979 – March, 2010 – Prior to these efforts, we ministered in Sacramento, CA., Plantation, Florida, Murfreesboro and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Mansfield and Mentor, Ohio.



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