This is an online study site that is Biblical-based and great for personal growth.

In-depth Biblical studies that hopefully will help you experience  closeness to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit

Jesus Christ

Our Savior’s birth was not ordinary – God’s Messiah had arrived. As the wisdom of God, Jesus Christ reflects that wisdom in creation and redemption. He was as human in His humanity as He was divine in His deity!

Study His Life
Through non-denominational, spiritually motivating, Bible centered lessons focusing on the central theme in God’s Word, Jesus Christ! Only by seeking and understanding as much as possible about Jesus can we grow spiritually and become more Christ-like.

In-depth & Easy-to-Read
While some lessons on this site are designed primarily for the serious, self-motivated, spiritually active student and/or teacher of Holy Scripture, others such as Stories from the Hebrew Bible, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told and The Way Home are family oriented and easy-to-read true stories from the Bible.

The Gospel was bought and paid for at great cost, the precious blood of Jesus Christ! Therefore, there is no charge for this website – no hidden agendas or promotional schemes.

The first three Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) are called ‘synoptic’ because combined they present a general and harmonized view of Christ’s life as distinguished from the Gospel of John, who writes for Christians as an eye witness and for a special purpose.

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the Originator and Sustainer, the Message and the Messenger, the Savior, the Almighty King, the Judge. Above all, He is our hope and our salvation.

This in-depth Biblical study explores God’s salvation offer and provision – an everlasting expression of His love for us.

SUPREME PRIVILEGE – The Lord’s Supper, remembering Jesus, is the most valuable and most important activity in Christianity; the supreme privilege in this life. Yet, it is one that has been worn thin in many congregations from the early times until now.

THE GREATEST LOVE – In this observance the greatest ‘Love’ is manifested; the greatest ‘Person’ is remembered; the greatest ‘Event’ is perceived; the greatest ‘Benefit’ is pondered; the greatest ‘Covenant’ is acknowledged; the greatest ‘Triumph’ is envisioned; the greatest ‘Proclamation’ is expressed; the greatest ‘Fellowship’ is enjoyed; the greatest ‘Examination’ is taken; and the greatest ‘Worship’ occurs.

WHO IS THIS JESUS? – Who is the most understanding personality of all time? Who is the greatest Leader? Who is the greatest Teacher? Who has done the most good for mankind and lived the most holy life of anyone who has ever lived? Jesus Christ is the unique personality of all time. He changed the course of history. Even the date on our morning newspaper gives witness to the fact that Jesus of Nazareth lived on earth.

First in a series of three, this section consists of 109 easy-to-read stories from the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible). The second in the series is THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD. The last in the series is THE WAY HOME. All three sections of the series contain Ms Nell Tells audio. Though all three sections are continuous and connected, the combined Bible lessons are arranged in the form of stories; each given a title; each independent of the others and treated separately; each with puzzles and audio. Thus, one who might hesitate in undertaking to read through the history of the Bible may open almost at random and find a story.

Second in the series of three, this section consists of 24 easy-to-read true Bible stories about the Life of Jesus Christ with Ms Nell Tells audio.

Third in the series of three, this section consists of 21 easy-to-read true Bible stories from the Book of Acts & Revelation with Ms Nell Tells audio.

An in-depth study attempting to show God as being transcendent while immanent, expansive while intimate. (w/audio)

An in-depth study attempting to probe the existence, nature, and activity of the Son as they reflect the wisdom and power of God the Father.

An in-depth study attempting to trace the personal characteristics, attributes, and relationships of the Holy Spirit through the Old and New Testaments.

The Holy Word of God is a vast and important subject. It is an historical saga. We pray this brief treatment will increase your love for and study of the Bible.

A brief look at some characteristics of the early church.

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