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Evaluate your worship preparation

placeforyou2Preachers often get “out-the-door comments” after the Sunday morning service. Some are just members trying to be encouraging or cordial, but others seem to have a “code” to them.

For example, when someone says, “That was a nice service,” it may really mean “nothing too offensive, nothing too challenging.” “That was interesting” sometimes means “too many deviations from the norm; it’s going to cause you some grief in the very near future.” Even silence can be code, like a dense, dark, ominous cloud promising unpleasantness to come.

While every leader has a responsibility in our worship, I want you to consider your role in the worship service. I invite you to take this personal survey. You don’t need to share it; just honestly evaluate yourself. It might surprise you.

Personal Worship Evaluation Form

DATE __________ NAME (optional) _________________________________

Rank “1” as low and “5” as high. Imagine this is God speaking to you.

__ You prepared yourself for worship long before you arrived at the building.

__ You arrived on time for your appointment with Me (God).

__ You expressed your adoration of Me (God) with enthusiastic singing.

__ You confessed your sin to Me (God) with complete honesty.

__ You gave joyfully and sacrificially to the work of advancing My (God) kingdom.

__ You heard the announcements as invitations for your growth and My (God) service.

__ You humbled yourself in reverence at the reading of My (God) word.

__ You recognized the unique word that I prepared for you in today’s sermon.

__ You gave thanks for the ways you saw Me (God) at work during the past week.

__ You shared your needs in faith that I will hear and handle them.

__ You responded in the way necessary at My (God) invitation after My (God) lesson.


As you worship today, remember who the REAL audience is – God. Family, I encourage you this morning to show Him how much He means to you

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