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Becoming a Faithful Christian (pdf in English)


Contents (right click to download files)


Foreword: Letter to the Reader
Chapter 1: Does God Exist?
Chapter 2: The Bible, God’s Word
Chapter 3: Who Is God the Father?
Chapter 4: Jesus, the Son of God
Chapter 5: Who Is the Holy Spirit?
Chapter 6: God Became Man
Chapter 7: How Shall We View Jesus?
Chapter 8: Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?
Chapter 9: The Cross and the Church
Chapter 10: What Is “The Church”?
Chapter 11: The Next to the Greatest Story Ever Told
Chapter 12: The Church of the New Testament
Chapter 13: Special Words for God’s People
Chapter 14: The Divine Designations of the Church
Chapter 15: Christ, the Head of the Church
Chapter 16: Entering the Church
Chapter 17: The Unity of the Church
Chapter 18: Eternal Reward and Punishment
Chapter 19: Repentance
Chapter 20: What Will You Do With Jesus?
Appendix 1: Answers to Study Questions
Appendix 2: Study Helps for Accurately Handling the Word of Truth
Appendix 3: The Words “Church” and “Churches” in the New Testament
Appendix 4: The Words “Kingdom” and “Kingdoms”
Appendix 5: A Survey of the Old Testament


Restoration Movement:

Searching for Truth

Colleges and Universities


Study and Resources Off Site

Apologetics Press

Associates for Biblical Research

Bible Gateway
Bible Roadmap Series
Biblical Studies WWW Page

Bulletin Articles

Bulletin Gold
Children’s Bible Study
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christian Library

Christian Woman Magazine
Church Fun – A Safe Place for Kids

Discovery Magazine for Kids

Does God Exist?

E-Bible Study  

E-Bible Teacher
E-Sword Free Bible Study Software

Garden of Praise, Free Educational Materials


Mars Hill Bookstore

Rocky Mountain Christian

Restoration Movement

Restoration Quarterly

Truth for the World

What do the Scriptures Say?

World Bible School

Gospel Video Presentation, We Care Ministries

Research and Study


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