10:38 am arrival in China…a delightful waiban…and our first Chinese meal after saying goodbye to special Texas family

19 Feb

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Family in Texas as we made plans to leave China…Ms. Guan and our first real Chinese meal (those fancy seats were 1st class…not for us)

We have arrived—no adventures!

Any time those of us in the Davenport family travel, we anxiously await the text that says: ‘Safe arrival…no  adventures!” That means no luggage fell off the top of the car, all tires stayed inflated, the back bumper did not fall off and the car worked so we could arrive at the final destination (each of those items have long stories attached to them).

After 9,279 miles and some 36 hours, we have arrived to begin our work on the central campus of Chang Jiang Da Xue (Yangtze River University) in Jingzhou, Hubei Province. We touched down at 10:38 am, having lost 12 hours somewhere out there. The flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong was 17 hours, due to some heavy headwinds…we were beginning to feel that by the time we landed.

We had great food on the flight, something I have not experienced in many years, and had over 50 movies and multiple TV shows to choose from on individual monitors…encourage you to see Secretariat if you have not already seen it.

We met our Foreign Affairs Officer in Wuhan and were transported to Jingzhou. We experienced our first Chinese meal on Wednesday and have had one of the English teachers (see Kevin photo below) help in many ways to find our way around and get a Bank of China account, money exchanged, and a cell phone. He took us to a local Kentucky Fried Chicken so we could get a meal more to our liking, as we get used to the food selections here.

Dale and Lisa Taylor, other teachers, have been our biggest asset. They live in the same building…and grew up in Chattanooga and Monteagle, Tennessee areas. We have many things in common besides our love for the Father and His Kingdom.

We have been without internet connections these first few days. We’ve had the heat full-blast to get our apartment warm; it was empty for 7-8 months and these concrete blocks were pretty cold, as we are finishing winter here.

We were without sleep over 36 hours, except for what we got on the plane. Went to bed the first night at 7 p.m. and slept to 8 a.m. Since then, we have gradually stayed up later but are still waking up around 4:45 a.m., so we’re trying to get on a good sleeping schedule before Monday. This is being written on Saturday morning.

Some have volunteered to send ‘care packages’ and we sent out a list earlier (cheerios, tomato soup, natural peanut butter, and dried pinto beans are our ‘comfort food’ are keep us connected to home). We have hung up pictures of our children and grandsons—pray several times a day for them and know they are also praying for us. Will use Skype as soon as we have consistent internet connection.

Love to all! More to come as we get into our teaching schedule and have Special Time with Friends/Family here on Sunday.

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