We live in amazing times! Right now as I write this it is 3:12 a.m. in China on November 20…my brother, Bo, is getting married right now in Atlanta, Georgia

28 Nov

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It is amazing but we were able to hear my older brother, Mike, sing our family tradition Wedding Song at the event and we are able to see the early minutes of the ceremony via Skype. Now I sit here eating a mixture of Raisin Bran and Corn Flakes with Minute Maid orange juice, remembering the exciting experience. Wow, who would have thought 🙂 I am in China, you know?

After a few minutes we lost reception, and around 4:45 a.m. decided to go back to bed to see if we could get a short nap, since we had 45 students coming to visit between 2 and 4 and two study groups coming at 10 am and 6 pm.

I had a most interesting dream, when finally dropping off to sleep. A group was sitting around a pool somewhere in Florida enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company.

As I approached the area, I heard someone with a “pretty good voice” singing a Kenny Rogers song. As I sat down to enjoying the environment, the singer came over to say hello and it was Wayne Kilpatrick, a person I have admired over the years who introduced me to Warren Wiersbe’s writings and the book of Nehemiah many years ago at Freed-Hardeman. (As I remember, Wayne’s son, Kevin, has the best voice in the family :-).

We are looking forward to our Thanksgiving lunch with the other American teachers this week. We all have contract language that allows us to have the day off…and we’ve found many of the things we want to have our normal favorites: dressing, sweet potatoes, apple pie, deviled eggs, etc. KFC chicken will be the main meat, though they do have turkey legs occasionally at the large grocery store in the area.

The foreign language department has a big Christmas party, and I have been asked to lead some holiday songs for all to sing. I think it will be a dress-up affair on Christmas Eve, which will be a special time for us because we finish our classes the day before, turn in our grades, and head to the USA on December 26.

They have opened a grocery new store a mile away and it has some items we use a lot, which is convenient. A new fast food restaurant is opening across from our front gate…the  students say it is a popular store that sales chicken (similar to KFC) and hand bags…we’ll see but that is a strange combination to me (we found out a week later that they were saying hamburgers:-)

Funds progressing nicely, and two groups who helped last year are getting closer to knowing their 2012 budgets….individuals are also making plans to help. Do not need it ’in hand’ until mid-January…except the pledge so we’ll be able to continue plans. We’ve bought over $2,800 worth of airline tickets in the past 10 days. 🙂

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