Connor Davenport born on May 19…75 pounds of chewable children’s vitamins are collected!

07 Jun

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We were able to collect over 75 pounds of children’s chewable vitamins for distribution at Chinese Agape hospital in China…Connor Edward, our fourth grandson, was born May 19 and weighed in at  nine pounds, five ounces and 22 1/2 inches long.

We were so blessed to have time with both our mothers (in Tennessee and Colorado) and brothers and sisters as we entered the States, and were there to help out prior to the delivery and some 2.5 weeks following his healthy arrival. We were also able to get off the plane for a 34-hour visit with Dale and Anne outside of Seattle, while giving us a chance to cut the trip to Beijing by a few hours.

I have a renewed appreciation for Delta airlines, and especially their ‘buddy pass’ system, which lets employees share tickets with friends and family. We left Beijing as scheduled and had business/first class accommodations, which meant more room for the 12+ hour trip to Detroit, with a connection to Denver (TJ) and Nashville (me).

Did I mention we had more room? Watched a few movies, had a comfortable space for sleeping, and plenty of friendly service in the sky for a couple excited to be seeing family and friends after 15 long months in Jingzhou and Beijing. I had steak for dinner and Terry had Sea Bass…we actually had too much food offered and had to say no to some of the sweet things…what a nice problem!

The Griffin Road and West Broward congregations in South Florida did a great job on short notice in collecting over 75 pounds of children’s chewable vitamins, to be distributed through Chinese Agape in their hospital. We were able to fill one box with 48 pounds and then distribute the rest throughout other luggage to get them back at one time. We were also able to deliver seven books to Kenneth Retzer, which was also a blessing.

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Posted by on June 7, 2013 in Beijing


One response to “Connor Davenport born on May 19…75 pounds of chewable children’s vitamins are collected!

  1. Dave Halligan

    June 7, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    Gary and Terry, this is terrific news and so happy for you and your family. Thank you so much for the collection of vitamins and being able to get them back to Beijing. Knowing how Ken is he will be greatly appreciative of the books. Hope your return travels went well and looking forward to bible class this weekend. We have missed you both.

    In him,

    Dave Halligan Chinese Agape Foundation 607-341-2467 (US) 13691548685 (China) China Mission Beijing c of c http:/



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