Do You Have These Symptoms of Marital Distress?

12 Sep

Many in your situation experience these emotions and thoughts as their marriage is unraveling:

Devastated:  “I’ve lost my dream of marital happiness.”

Hopeless:  “I don’t know what to do.”

Pessimistic: “Even marriage counseling probably won’t help.”

Angry, especially if there’s been an affair: “How could he (or she) do this?”

Embarrassed:  “What will I tell my family, friends, and neighbors?”

Afraid: “How can I handle this financially? I’ve read that an average divorce in the U.S. costs over $20,000.”

Worried:  “How will the kids be affected if we divorce?”

Lonely: “How will I find someone else? I don’t want to deal with the dating scene again.”

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