A Letter From Jesus To His Church

05 Apr

A writer suggested that if Jesus were to write us a letter, it would, perhaps, read as follows:

Dear Church:

If I’m your head, make your plans ridiculously big! Be done with the drudgery of placid plodding, low aim, dwarfed planning and mini-dreams.

I want you into the Word, on your knees, out of yourselves, above mediocrity, below my Lordship, about my business, beyond your sight and full of my Spirit.

I want to see a glow on your face, a leap in your pace, as you speak of my grace. Preach hell-hot, sin-black, judgment – sure, repentance – necessary and salvation – free. I hope you’ll run – not walk; hemorrhage – not bleed; shout – not whisper; and speak with clarity – not fuzziness I as you preach the gospel to the world.

I hope you’ll learn to swim any river, climb any mountain, walk any distance, suffer any hardship, experience any inconvenience, pay any price, give any amount, for the cause of the Kingdom.

I hope you’ll be liberal in love, long in prayer, short on business, deep in giving, shallow in selfishness turned on to sharing the Word, and turned off to sin.

Love, preach, teach, heal, love, work, pray, give, bind, loose, love, learn, follow, evangelize, love, urge, encourage, wait, love, above all… love! It’s by that and nothing else that all the world will truly know you are my disciples.

I’m coming soon! Go for broke. Get rid of your worldly caution. Pull out all the stops. Hold nothing back. It’s full speed ahead! Trust me. I have available now all you need to do the job.

I’ll see you soon!!

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