The good leader: who is he?

30 Aug

The following list of items can be useful as we seek to be the leaders God needs us to be at our local congregations. If you are an elder, deacon, ministry leader, Bible class teacher or minister, read and re-read this from time to time and use it to make some ‘mirror checks’ for your own life. May God bless you as you seek to be God’s person in your place.

  1. A good leader learns to say yes in matters of expediency to programs and plans. Some of our brethren have never learned to say yes. All they can say is no. Born in the objective mood and in the kickative case. Against everything. It is a matter of attitude. If someone has a good idea which they think will work, give it a chance and get behind it. Try it out.
  1. A good leader brings others along with him. What happens sometimes is that we get to going and look behind and nobody is there. Keep the congregation well informed, up-to-dale, let them know what is going on. It is vital that we are patient enough to march together.
  1. 6a00d83451b39269e20120a91985dd970b-800wiA good leader keeps the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. What have you profited if you build a large congregation and then split it to pieces with a church fuss. Elders must be peacemakers and know how to make peace. This is one of the greatest challenges of elders and preachers.
  1. A good leader is long-fused. Gentle, patient, easy to be around. kind. doesn’t fly off the handle. Haven’t you seen people you would walk across the street to get away from? They are always complaining about something. They are short-fused and hard to be around. We must be calm even when criticizes. I have seen leaders with an ‘angry spirit’ and it is NOT a pretty thing.
  1. A good leader is intelligent and has a high antennae. Sensitive to the feelings of others and has a sense of timing. Uses common sense. Doesn’t “jump the gun”, but neither will he “wait until it is too late.”
  1. A good leader has a good knowledge of the Bible, a profound respect for the word of God, real conviction, and always asks is it scriptural? Is this in harmony with the word of God?’ He must study.
  1. A good leader does not make mountains out of molehills. Instead he puts the best interpretation on every action. Some leaders see the worse side of every situation. Has good perception. Not easily excitable. Sees things as they really are. I find that these kind of leaders also have short memories.
  1. A good leader has sense enough to leave a successful program alone. It’s easy to kill, hard to build. Easy to criticize, hard to roll up your sleeves and get in there and do a better job.
  1. A good leader is slow to show his authority. To crack the whip. Rather, he is swift to hear, slow to speak. Authority is like ‘money in the bank. “The less you use it the more you have.” Elders should not view their job as a “Boss” man with great authority and power. With the attitude. ‘I’m up here: you’re down there.” Some view the office of elder as a position rather than a performance. The key word is submission (being submissive). Elders must not lord over the flock, drive the church, serve for personal gain. 
  1. A good leader keeps in touch with the grassroots of the church. He does not cater to the rich, famous and powerful. The strength of the church is in the grassroots. If a brother is sick, go see him. Stay in touch with the grassroots constantly.
  1. A good leader does not take himself too seriously. He rolls with the punches. He knows he is not indispensable. Knows his frame is only dust. Gal. 6:3-4. He keeps his feet on the ground.
  1. A good leader is a balanced man with a good sense of humor. He is not a cake half-baked. “A merry heart is good like a medicine,” Not a radical, a fanatic, not a know-it-all….but a well balanced person. Doesn’t run off on every tangent, pig trail.
  1. A good leader loves people. Especially the brethren, There is no substitute for love, and especially for the brethren.
  1. A good leader is a liberal giver. Free from greed, He believes in laying by in store on the first day of week. I like to think that he doesn’t stop at a tenth, but that he starts at a tenth. He lets his righteousness exceed the scribes and Pharisees.
  1. A good leader is not afraid of success. “To him that hath it shall be given, and he shall have abundance,” Some of us are afraid of success. We aren’t afraid of failure. We’re used to that. Don’t be negative in your thinking. Ask God in prayer to help you not to run from success.
  1. A good leader is not motivated by or immobilized by fear. Rev. 2.:8. The one talent man was afraid. Some brother says, “Well, we can build it, but we will never pay for it.” Has great faith, is courageous, trusts in God Almighty.
  1. A good leader is a big person. Not little, petty, does not nit-pick everything that comes along. This particular thing has robbed us of many good, talented young men, and some who are now old. It discourages them in the ministry. Such leaders destroy the spirit and heart of a congregation.
  1. A good leader will put the Lord first in his entire life — what he does, says, etc. He will attend every service of the congregation and be involved in the mainstream of church activities.
  1. A good leader is one who people naturally follow and are already following. To this extent, he is not appointed, but recognized. Members can’t be made or forced to follow. People will follow this type person whether he is appointed or not. Leadership is not an “award” for attending services regularly, and being an elder is not an “award” we bestow to the “good ole boys.”
  1. A good leader is one who has evidenced in his life the fruits of the Spirit. Love, joy, peace, happiness, etc. Gal. 5:22-23.
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