The best is yet to come

08 Oct

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1966865_3587262-plwfr2_lA minister was asked to pay a visit to one of the elderly members, who was concerned about the amount of time she had left upon this earth and wanted to make some preliminary funeral arrangements with him.

He was surprised, because she was not really sick that often, but he agreed.

After getting a list of her the favorite songs she wanted sung at her funeral, and some general comments and other important scriptures, thoughts, and poems, she closed with a surprising request: make certain to put this special spoon in the casket as the service ends…and she hands him a large special dessert spoon she had always used in her life.

After a few quiet moments, he just had to ask: what is the significance of this spoon?

Well, she began, when I was young they always began clearing the table of the dirty dishes at those special family meals…but always told us to keep the spoon, because the best was yet to come.spoon

Then, they would deliver large bowls of ice cream, which IS the best thing a child can ask for in this life.

But for a Christian, heaven is “the best yet to come” and I want that spoon in the casket to make that point to all my family and friends.

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